FPGA Engineer

The FPGA plays an integral role in the control of our quantum computer. It is both the source and destination of the microwave pulses used to control and readout our qubits, and acts as both a pulse sequencer and a waveform digitizer. At OQC we are looking to develop our in-house solution further to increase our capabilities.

RF Engineer

As an RF engineer, your primary aim will be to design a robust and highly resilient RF modulation/demodulation solution using OQCs current solution as a basis. The role will involve analysis, simulation, schematic design, PCB layout and lab based testing. Further responsibilities will include other RF design responsibilities such as filter design, component selection, microwave simulation and RF SNR optimization. 

Software Engineer

As a software engineer at OQC, you will join a team of physicists and software engineers developing solutions to the design and simulation of the superconducting circuits from which we build quantum processors. In this dynamic environment, you will need to create novel solutions to significant engineering challenges to enable OQC’s development of cutting-edge technology.

Compiler Engineer

As a Compiler Engineer at OQC you will be at the forefront of our efforts to put quantum computing in the hands of our partners and customers, enabling them to get the most use out of our hardware.  You will be a part of designing the compiler for OQC’s quantum computers.


We are looking for an Assistant to support our Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and other members of the Executive team as needed. Our CXO looks after all our operations, from HR and recruitment to communications and marketing; from legals and IP to business development. Our Assistant role is an opportunity to gain experience in these domains and to play an integral role in the day-to-day operations of our start-up.

Communications and Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a Communications and Marketing Specialist to help us develop, execute, and monitor communications and marketing strategies across our traditional and digital channels. This will include market research, content creation, new product launches, social media, and sales enablement. You will be an integral part of our company’s ability to increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Quantum Software Engineer

As OQC’s Quantum Software Engineer, you will work on optimising the control schema of our quantum processors and on automating stages of the design processes.  This will involve developing characterisation and benchmarking code using OQC’s control systems to assist in assessing and improving overall device performance.  You will work closely with the control software team to develop solutions for performing these characterisations and benchmarks efficiently and accurately.  You will also work on simulation packages used to test the calibration and control software, and work in collaboration with the quantum hardware team to use this work to aid in the optimisation of device designs.

Nanofabrication Engineer

As an OQC nanofabrication engineer, you will draw on your previous professional experience to plan, develop and execute reproducible process flows to build and measure commercial quantum processors. You will have access to a network of state-of-the-art fabrication facilities in the area and will have the opportunity to leverage these facilities to build from our current technology that already produces devices with competitive quantum coherence. You will have access to our new purpose-built quantum laboratory where you will be a vital part of the quantum hardware team.

Quantum Engineer

As an OQC Quantum engineer, you will draw on your previous experience in superconducting circuits during your PhD, post-doctoral or commercial work in this field to develop and measure commercial quantum processors. You will have access to our new purpose-built quantum laboratory where you will be a vital part of the quantum hardware team. Here, you will work closely on multiple and varied projects within our multi-disciplinary team of physicists, nanotechnologists, electrical engineers, software developers, and more towards OQC’s mission of building a quantum computer.

Other positions

At OQC we’re always looking for talented, enthusiastic people to join us on this exciting journey!  If you think you’d be a great fit for OQC but don’t see the perfect role for you listed above, get in contact – we’d love to hear from you!

Job applicants privacy notice

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