Nanofabrication Engineer

At Oxford Quantum Circuits we’re building quantum computers based on a flexible core architecture that enables innovation. At their core, these processors are based on superconducting circuit technology. As a cleanroom operative, you will draw on your previous professional experience in nanofabrication to develop and execute robust, precise fabrication processes to build the superconducting circuits at the heart of our quantum processors. These circuits typically consist of layers of aluminium and aluminium oxide upon a sapphire/silicon substrate and combine milli-, micro- and nanoscale components. You’ll have the opportunity to build from our current processes that already produce devices with competitive quantum coherence, and you will have access to a network of state-of-the-art fabrication facilities in the area. You will be a vital member of a team of physicists and electrical engineers working to develop our device fabrication to produce quantum processors with world-leading performance.


  • Fabrication of superconducting circuits
  • Identification of potential limiting factors to coherence and fabrication precision
  • The design and implementation of procedures/tools to enhance throughput and precision
  • Working closely with quantum device design teams to improve overall circuit performance
  • Training and leading new members of the fabrication team
  • Helping to create, develop and maintain process documentation

Skills Required

  • Previous experience performing multi-step nanofabrication autonomously in a commercial/industrial setting
  • Specific experience with the following processes:-
    • Electron-beam lithography of precisely defined sub-micron features
    • Wafer-scale photolithography with micron-resolution
    • Experience of improving and developing new fabrication recipes
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Excellent collaborative problem-solving abilities that you are able to employ outside your own particular areas of expertise

Skills Desirable

  • Electron-beam shadow evaporation of sub-micron Josephson junctions
  • Previous experience leading a team of nanofabrication specialists

About Oxford Quantum Circuits

At Oxford Quantum Circuits, we’re creating the core of the quantum revolution to solve some of humanity’s most significant challenges. We are developing technology using the power of quantum to do things which have never been achieved before, from enabling life-changing drug discoveries to developing new battery technologies.

We are developing the world’s most scalable quantum computer for the real world impact. We’re doing this using state-of-the-art, innovative, superconducting quantum hardware spun out of the world-renowned University of Oxford.

We’re looking for innovators, technical wizards and creative ninjas to join us on this exciting journey.

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