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Quantum Computing
April 2, 2020

Oxford Deep-Tech Businesses In Global Competition

A spinout from the University of Oxford which has built the UK’s most advanced quantum computer and a company which is deploying bio-photonics and AI have been named two of…
Quantum Computing
March 18, 2020

OQC finalist of M12 Female Founders Competition

OQC CEO named finalist of M12 Female Founders Competition In partnership with Mayfield and Melinda Gates’s Pivotal Ventures, Microsoft’s venture fund (M12) is investing $6 million in four female-founded companies.…
Quantum Computing
February 26, 2020

12 women pioneering quantum computing

"For such a new discipline (as disruptive technologies go), quantum computing is well represented by women who are changing the landscape." We're delighted to see our CEO, Dr Ilana Wisby,…
Quantum Computing
January 20, 2020

TQD Exclusive: Interview with Dr Ilana Wisby

"OQC's approach to the (quantum computing) challenges is simple: educate their stakeholders, build the quantum core itself and partner with the best to demonstrate the wide range of real-life applications…
Quantum Computing
January 14, 2020

OQC and Riverlane announce their cooperation

Riverlane’s quantum operating system is being developed using expertise from the physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics sectors. Using a quantum computer based at Oxford Quantum Circuits, Riverlane is also…
January 14, 2020

CQC And OQC Awarded Innovate UK Award

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) and Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) are delighted to confirm that they have been granted an Innovate UK award as part of the UK Quantum Computing Initiative.
Quantum Computing
November 13, 2019

OQC: Scaling up a quantum computing company

Dr Ilana Wisby, CEO of OQC, discusses the challenges facing start-up as they grow their business and team, how she's building a diverse team at OQC and transitioning from an…
Quantum Computing
January 13, 2019

Quantum Supremacy & AI, Stephen Fry

In this video, Stephen Fry guides us through the basics of quantum computing and its impact on AI. Our core technology, the Coaxmon, is also explained to demonstrate the benefits…
May 30, 2018

As quantum technology matures what industries should care?

In May 2019, a briefing on Quantum Technologies was organised at the UK’s House of Commons. Speaking at the event, OQC’s Chairman Andrew Mackintosh, emphasised the necessity to make practical…