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Quantum Computing
September 14, 2020

Leaders solving the unsolvable: OQC

OQC features in OxLEP's ambitious investment plan backing world-leading sectors and creating jobs for local communities.
Quantum Computing
August 6, 2020

Meet the Founder: Ilana Wisby

Oxford Sciences Innovation sat down sat down with Ilana Wisby to find out about superconducting circuits & Oxford’s role in creating a quantum computer.
Quantum Computing
July 2, 2020

Quantum Computing FAQs answered – WEF

All your Quantum Computing FAQs answered thanks to the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council report.
Quantum Computing
June 29, 2020

Quantum Tech Digital Week 2020: Ilana Wisby

In this video, part of a series produced for the Quantum Tech Week 2020, Dr Ilana Wisby (virtually) pitches investors about OQC and our latest progress to build the most…
Quantum Computing
June 18, 2020

Pioneering quantum computing for 3 years

June 2020 marks OQC's 3rd anniversary - a perfect time to celebrate the incredible ride it has been so far. In what seems to have been the shortest 36 months we…
Quantum Computing
June 18, 2020

22 Quantum Executives Shaping the Industry

Featuring OQC's Ilana Wisby and 21 key executives in the quantum computing space. They’re the people with their fingers on the button, the ones who make the final decision on…
Quantum Computing
May 14, 2020

UK companies to build new OS for quantum computers

OQC is a partner in a consortium led by Riverlane that has been awarded a £7.6M grant from the UK Government to deploy a highly innovative quantum operating system.
Quantum Computing
April 22, 2020

OQC-led consortium wins landmark grant

Innovate UK awards OQC-led consortium the largest ever grant aimed at the commercialisation of superconducting quantum technologies, and positions the UK as a global leader in the field. 
Quantum Computing
April 2, 2020

Oxford Deep-Tech Businesses In Global Competition

A spinout from the University of Oxford which has built the UK’s most advanced quantum computer and a company which is deploying bio-photonics and AI have been named two of…
Quantum Computing
March 18, 2020

OQC finalist of M12 Female Founders Competition

OQC CEO named finalist of M12 Female Founders Competition In partnership with Mayfield and Melinda Gates’s Pivotal Ventures, Microsoft’s venture fund (M12) is investing $6 million in four female-founded companies.…
Quantum Computing
February 26, 2020

12 women pioneering quantum computing

OQC CEO, Dr Ilana Wisby, makes it to this list of groundbreaking women who are shaping the quantum computing industry through innovation, ethics, sheer genius and determination. From The Quantum…
Quantum Computing
January 20, 2020

TQD Exclusive: Interview with Dr Ilana Wisby

"OQC's approach to the (quantum computing) challenges is simple: educate their stakeholders, build the quantum core itself and partner with the best to demonstrate the wide range of real-life applications…