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Amazon Braket

Amazon Braket and OQC: broader horizons for quantum in Europe.


On 28 February 2022, Lucy – our 8 QPU quantum computer, debuted on Amazon Braket. 

Named after pioneering quantum physicist Lucy Mensing, our system expands Amazon Braket to the London region (eu-west-2), and represents the first regional expansion of the service to Europe. 

Lucy is accessible from 10am to 1pm GMT every weekday.

“Bringing OQC’s quantum computers to Amazon Braket is a natural next step in expanding our leadership in Europe. Our work with AWS will make it easier for businesses and researchers in the region to access leading-edge hardware so they can further experiment with quantum. From low latency to device availability in Europe-friendly timezones, from data on-shoring to hybrid workloads; OQC on AWS will be a significant step forward in bringing quantum to our customers' fingertips.”

Dr Ilana WisbyCEO, OQC
OQC systems all have low crosstalk, naturally high coherence, and fast gate operations;
Providing customers with faster processing power, less queuing time, and more uptime. 


Thanks to its unique architecture, OQC is able to scale its systems rapidly without any compromise on quality and performance. Those parameters remain the same even when a step change occurs in number of qubits,
Guaranteeing customers always get the same performance or better. 


Located in the UK, Lucy will provide access during convenient European timezones, low-latency and data on-shoring,
Helping to alleviate customers’ data privacy and security concerns, and offering them higher serviceability – operations and support when they need it. 


OQC is committed to the OpenQASM roadmap, ensuring
Customers can expect stability, and advanced details of the upcoming feature sets that we will be supporting. 


We guarantee that our quantum computers will always be competitive by proactively integrating world-class third party products & technologies across our hardware stack.
These optimisations provide faster, more accurate computations, less queueing and more up time. In addition, customers can select the optimisation level from unoptimised through to highest level optimisers that we’ve built-in. 


Thanks to sequential task management, OQC’s systems are Hybrid Workloads-ready.
Customers are ready to leverage the full power of quantum computing whilst mitigating NISQ-era shortcomings.