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Cambridge Quantum

Cambridge Quantum is a world leading independent quantum software company.

Together, OQC and Cambridge Quantum were granted one of the first UK Quantum Computing Initiative awards. In July 2021, Cambridge Quantum will be our first partner to be given access to our QCaaS, to demonstrate their IronBridge cybersecurity platform. 

With Cambridge Quantum and others, OQC is also at the forefront of the industry-wide discussions around ethics in quantum

National Quantum Computing Centre

Our collaboration with the NQCC will foster the UK quantum user community by providing businesses, academics and the Government with early access to OQC quantum computers. This is the first collaboration of this kind in the country, a significant milestone for the industry.

From January 2022, selected users will be getting access to a range of quantum systems and capability, from UK-best to prototype quantum hardware.


Backed by leading venture-capital funds and the University of Cambridge, Riverlane develops software that transforms quantum computers from experimental technology into commercial products.

We work with Riverlane on a number of projects, from alpha-VQE – Riverlane’s chemical simulation algorithm ran on OQC’s quantum hardware; to our Innovate UK ‘NISQ.OS’ project, a 3-year project dedicated to deploying a new quantum operating system.


In September 2020, we launched the largest ever Government grant aimed at the commercialisation of superconducting quantum technologies in the UK. The £7M and 3-year long landmark project will bring the capability to produce superconducting circuits at commercial scale in the UK. Together, OQC, SeeQC UK, Oxford Instruments, Kelvin Nanotechnology, University of Glasgow and Royal Holloway will industrialise the design, manufacture and test of superconducting quantum devices. This is the first time a concerted effort is bringing all relevant partners towards establishing such commercial capability in the UK. 


We are pioneering a consortium led by Riverlane to deploy a new quantum operating system. The £7.6M Innovate UK-backed project will deliver an operating system that allows the same quantum software to run on different types of quantum computing hardware. By making OQC’s stack compatible with NISQ.OS, we’re helping build a new standardised quantum ecosystem. This UK-first effort to build compatibility is a critical step in providing our consortium’s technologies to new players, generating additional commercial opportunities.

Leek Lab

We work closely with Peter Leek’s research group – supporting the Leek Lab with funding a team of world class, international researchers, recognised for their innovative work in the international quantum community. In particular, our research agreement with the Leek Lab has enabled OQC to demonstrate the proof-of-concept of the Coaxmon technology in action.

Oxford Instruments

In January 2021, as part of our collaboration with Oxford Instruments, OQC was the first company worldwide to take delivery of OI’s next generation Cryofree® refrigerator, Proteox. Proteox was specifically designed to facilitate high-density wiring with insert-modulatory. We leverage these features to enhance the scaling of our unique 3D architecture. Proteox will complement our equipment capability in our new state-of-the-art laboratory, further enabling our customers to access our technology online and on site. 

Royal Holloway, University of London

We work closely with the technical team at SuperFab, a world-class university cleanroom for electronic nanofabrication, with an emphasis on superconducting quantum technology. SuperFab is owned and operated by Royal Holloway, University of London as an open user facility serving both academic and industrial interests.


OQC is a spin-out from the NQIT programme and continues to work closely with the programme.