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Quantum Colocation

Quantum computing is an increasingly tangible and accessible technology that has now emerged in enterprise environments. Download our whitepaper to find out why we took quantum out of the lab.

Download the Whitepaper

To meet growing demand and a changing digital world, there is a critical need to look at new ways of processing information. Quantum computing is an increasingly promising field in this area, showing astounding progress...

Our modern world is increasingly reliant on a digital infrastructure that simply can not support the growing computational demands with supercomputing performance alone; accounting for CPUs and GPUs which are doubling every 1.2 years. We are helping to solve this problem with the realised potential of quantum computing…

Colocation data centres provide the optimum environment to utilise the power of quantum computing, not only allowing easy, secure access that will enable life-changing discoveries, but by helping to solve our growing computational needs.

Our world-first integrations are just the first step in our mission, as we continue to pioneer Quantum Computing as a Service (QCaaS), creating a sustainable, flexible, and secure solution to the changing digital world.

Pages from our colocation white paper.

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