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The Coaxmon

The world’s simplest quantum architecture

The key challenge of superconducting circuits for quantum computation is the ability to scale qubit numbers whilst maintaining qubit quality and control in order to reach a commercially useful level of processing power. ‘Traditional’ 2D circuits require increasingly intricate engineering to route control wiring across the chip to the qubit. This both degrades the quality of the qubits and increases the chance of costly engineering errors.

Coaxmon - white background

The most promising approach in the industry

Our core innovative technology – the Coaxmon – solves these challenges: it has a three-dimensional architecture that brings key componentry off-chip for vastly increased simplicity, flexibility, engineerability and – crucially – scalability.

In other words, the essence of our innovation is the ability to scale our key technologies without any compromise on quality. It is unique in the world of quantum computers.

This ultimately allows our team to scale our key technologies without any compromise on quality, alongside low cross talk, creating better coherence and fidelities than an in-plane equivalent. Other planar approaches to quantum computers require additional complexity to scale which therefore affects fidelity, cross talk and other performance parameters. Our Coaxmon is an incredibly unique achievement in the world of quantum computers.

Perspectively, enterprise workflows require colocation with modern digital infrastructure, which means such integration can become a design constraint of a useful quantum computer. Our unique Coaxmon and surrounding design choices have manifested in a quantum system that is resilient to non-laboratory environments. All of which provides the optimum premise to merge quantum computing into their pre-existing infrastructure.

“We understand that technology will continue to develop, which is why our systems and QPUs are upgradeable; ensuring that the workflows that businesses build today will be ready for the future.”

Dr. Ilana WisbyCEO, OQC

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At the Global Investment Summit, we publicly launched our new technology, OQC Toshiko, and announced our $100 million Series B investment round to support our industry-leading research and development.