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The world's first enterprise ready quantum platform

Creating a quantum-enabled future

Our new 32-qubit system, OQC Toshiko, is the pioneer for enterprise-ready quantum computing and puts us one step closer to changing the world for the better, with quantum.

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The new era of quantum computing

Taking the learnings from building and operating our 8-qubit system, as well as all of the upgrades across the stack, we were able to breathe life into our newest quantum technology. This architecture demonstrates how we can scale for our customers, without compromising on efficiency, quality, and most of all, security.

Built to stand the test of time, OQC Toshiko provides the world’s highest quantum volume and maintains the highest commercially-available two-qubit gate fidelity. Our enterprise-ready quantum is easily available through multiple access options, including the cloud, direct access in data centres.

The system

The OQC Toshiko Gen 1 is the world’s first enterprise-ready platform via Tokyo and London. It operates on superconducting qubits implemented within a coaxmon architecture. Gen1 has 32 addressable qubits arranged within a lattice featuring 2:1 and 3:1 qubit couplings. Toshiko launches with QIR, OpenPulse and OpenQASM 2 support, with features towards OpenQASM 3 becoming available across the lifetime of the Toshiko platform.

Date deployed


Number of qubits


Toshiko Generation


System names


Indicative performance snapshot

Median T1

60 µs

Median T2

60 µs

1Q Median Fidelity


2Q Median Fidelity


Why ‘Toshiko’?

At OQC, we have a unique naming tradition for our computers...

Following the OQC naming tradition, OQC Toshiko is named after Japanese nuclear physicist Toshiko Yuasa, the first Japanese female physicist who is widely celebrated as a role model for Japanese women in science.

Her research included nuclear physics, including the alpha & beta particles emitted by artificial radioactive nuclei, and the energy spectrum of beta particles.

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At the Global Investment Summit, we publicly launched our new technology, OQC Toshiko, and announced our $100 million investment raise to support our industry-leading research and development.