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Reading, United Kingdom, July 28 OQC, the leading enterprise ready quantum solution company, and hybrid machine learning company CogniFrame are partnering to fuel FirstQ, the world’s first plug-and-play quantum application store accessed via desktop apps. 

This partnership will enable the creation and hosting of pre-curated hybrid and quantum-only use cases optimised for OQC hardware. The platform also facilitates seamless data uploads in prescribed formats via a desktop app. FirstQ offers a desktop application that works on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. The store supports plug and play commercial scale solutions for select predefined use cases, as well as access to near quantum and quantum hardware. The innovation of FirstQ lies in its accessibility to users of all expertise levels, making quantum technologies more approachable for a broader audience. 

The integration of OQC’s computer into FirstQ has been successfully implemented, and CogniFrame has tested image restoration, segmentation and classification for the healthcare sector using a hybrid quantum solution designed to improve accuracy and obtain speed up. Further plans are being explored to use the OQC device via FirstQ for ongoing tests and commercial opportunities. “Our goal is to work closely and collaboratively with OQC to offer customers performance-optimised solutions for OQC hardware and provide meaningful results for users in the current NISQ era. We are actively working on projects using the OQC hardware, and solution developers will derive advantage from offering their solutions via FirstQ.” said Vish Ramakrishnan, CEO CogniFrame.

Ilana Wisby, CEO OQC, notes, “We are thrilled to partner with CogniFrame to bring this plug-and-play model to users worldwide. This is an exciting step for the large-scale commercial deployment of quantum solutions; it will help to drive quantum solutions into mainstream applications.”

With the availability of the OQC quantum computer on FirstQ, quantum algorithm developers can register on FirstQ to build and test their solutions. To register users can go to .  

 About CogniFrame

CogniFrame, based in Toronto, Canada, solves NP Hard and other complex optimisation, machine learning and simulation problems. It works with leading HPC and Quantum hardware providers to build and run proprietary algorithms and solutions that deliver immediate measurable value and help de-risk adoption of Near Quantum & Hybrid Quantum solutions by institutions globally. CogniFrame is a quantum pioneer and founding member of Quantum Industry Canada. It has launched the FirstQ Store , the first of its kind aggregator plug and play commercialisation store for near quantum and quantum ready applications. 

About OQC

OQC is a world-leading quantum computing company. We bring quantum to our customers’ fingertips and enable them to make breakthrough discoveries. Our quantum computers are available via data centres, private cloud and on Amazon Braket. For more information:

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